Board of Directors

The company currently has five independent directors, who constitute a majority of our board of directors, meet the standards for independence that are required by the Nasdaq Stock Market and other exchanges. As we have met the requirement to have our securities listed on the Nasdaq Global Stock Market, we are required to adhere to the rules of that exchange in determining whether a director is independent. The Nasdaq Stock Market's listing standards define an "independent director" generally as a person, other than an officer of a company, who does not have a relationship with the company that would interfere with the director's exercise of independent judgment. Our board of directors will ensure that the board's determinations are consistent with those rules and all relevant securities and other laws and regulations regarding the independence of directors.

Peter Li
Independent Director
James R. Preissler
Independent Director
João Manuel Santos Ferreira
Independent Director
Yeung Lun, Allan
Independent Director
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